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On Your Time: Summer at Carolina

  • Summer at Carolina Summer Starts on May 9, 2016more

  • Study Abroad in Monte Castello May 9--May 30, 2016more

  • Carolina's campus is beautiful and yours in the summer There are fewer students and more access to everything the University has to offer. more

  • SAEL 200--Social Advocacy and Ethical Life Sessions C, E, and G--Fulfill your CWS and VSR Carolina Core requirements more

  • USC in Costa Rica: Global Health May 9--May 30, 2016more

  • SPCH 140--Introduction to Public Speaking Fulfill your CMS requirement--Sessions B, D, E, and H this summer more

  • Spanish 110 and 122 Finish your Language Requirement in 3 weeks this Maymore

  • Business Institute for Non-Business Majors ACCT 222, ECON 224, MGMT 371, MKTG 350--12 hours in 12 weeks more

  • HRTM 475--Wines and Spirits in Food Service Establishments Sessions E and H this summer more

  • Pre-Law Summer Institute Take coures in Comparative Politics, Public Administration, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Courts over three sessions and 12 weeksmore

  • Chemistry 112--Intensive May Section Monday through Saturday--May 9--May 26, 2016more

  • Study Abroad in Iceland COLA 298. May 9--May 26, 2016more

  • Carolina Core Courses Online Biology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics....Fulfill Carolina Core requirements online this summer more

  • History 101--Monday and Wednesday in Session D HIST 101--European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Centurymore

  • Summer Organic Chemistry CHEM 333--Session C (May 9 -- June 16) and CHEM 334 (June 27 -- August 5)more

Registration for Summer 2016 starts April 11

Welcome to Summer at Carolina, where we are committed to helping you meet your academic and professional goals on your own timeline.  Whether you are a current or returning Carolina student, a visiting student, or a non-degree seeking student, we are dedicated to helping you find and register for the classes you need. 

Visiting Students--Apply for Non-Degree Admission by May 1, 2016

Schedule Change for CHEM 112 in May--class will now meet Monday through Friday


Summer 2016 Online Courses