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On Your Time: Summer at Carolina

  • ARTS 559 Jewelry Making: Total Immersion M-F 10:05--12:55 June 30--August 7 (Session G) more

  • ARTS 260: Photography for Non-Majors Sessions E and H more

  • SOCY 310 Social Demography Session B May 12--May 29 11:40 a.m. more

  • Presidency in Comparative Perspective: Latin America POLI 391 section 3. May 12--May 29, 8:30 a.m.more

  • Study Abroad in Iceland COLA 298. May 12--May 29, 2014. more

  • Spend May in Chile GEOG 223 Geography of Latin America May 12--May 29more

  • Tales of Terror, Outrage, and Delinquency ENGL 439 Session B May 12--May 29 10:05 a.m.more

  • Slavery, Literature, and Popular Culture AFAM 398 Session B May 12--May 29 10:05 a.m.more

  • ARTH 106: History of Western Art II Session H July 7--July 30 11:40more

  • ENGL 566 The Mating Game in Classic Hollywood Movies Session E June 2--June 26 M-F 1:15 to 3:15 more

  • Culture and History of Peru in Machu Pichu COLA 298. May 12--May 29, 2014. more

  • SLIS 202: Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology Session F June 9--July 31more

  • Foundations of Law and Government POLI 391 section 1. Session B May 12--May 29more

  • FILM 470 Superheroes Across the Media Session H July 7--July 30 10:05--12:35 more

  • Viking Mythology: Pagan Gods of Historical Scandinavia GERM 290 Session E June 2--26 1:15--3:15 more

  • RELG 110 Introduction to Religious Studies Session E June 2--26 1:15--3:15more

 Summer Registration is Open!

Welcome to Summer at Carolina, where we are dedicated to offering flexible and innovative student-centered opportunities that are both challenging and engaging.  Whether you are a current University of South Carolina student, a high school student, or a visiting student home for the summer, we are committed to providing the courses you need to move through your degree program as well as offering Summer Institutes to help prepare  you for the job market. 


  • New seats in ITAL 121 and BIOL 110

  • New Seats in Organic Chemistry  (CHEM 334)

  • Pre-Requisite holds in Math and Foreign Languages lifted


Questions about summer overrides or SAEL? Contact us

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