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On Your Time: Summer at Carolina

  • ARTS 559 Jewelry Making: Total Immersion M-F 10:05--12:55 June 30--August 7 (Session G) more

  • ARTS 260: Photography for Non-Majors Sessions E and H more

  • ARTH 106: History of Western Art II Session H July 7--July 30 11:40more

  • SLIS 202: Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology Session F June 9--July 31more

  • FILM 470 Superheroes Across the Media Session H July 7--July 30 10:05--12:35 more

  • Viking Mythology: Pagan Gods of Historical Scandinavia GERM 290 Session E June 2--26 1:15--3:15 more

  • RELG 110 Introduction to Religious Studies Session E June 2--26 1:15--3:15more

  • Complete Your Language Requirement in Portuguese Session F June 9--July 31more

  • SOCY 523 Social Processes of Deviance Control Session H July 7--July 30 10:05--12:35more

  • Summer Organic Chemistry Complete your Organic Chemistry sequence in just 12 weeks this summer more

  • SAEL 200 Fullfill CWM and VSR Carolina Core requirements Session E 10:05--12:05 p.m.more

  • American Horror Stories ENGL 285 Summer Session E: June 2-June 26, 2014 more

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